Poles are increasingly reaching for credit cards and there is no wonder here – it is a convenient and very beneficial solution for many. First of all, it is one of the few options to receive a free loan (of course, if we repay the debt before the end of the interest-free period). Secondly, it is a tool that allows you to build a positive credit history – if the bank sees that we pay off small liabilities on time, it is more willing to lend us a larger sum. Third, it is the source of many promotions, rebates and bonuses – banks like to reward loyal customers.

Sounds good? So that this initial delight is not interrupted by information from the bank that interest has accrued to us and the fee has been charged for using the card, we must choose the best product for ourselves. How to do it? We will explain below. However, if you want to know the results of our ranking immediately, go lower.

What to look for when choosing a card?

What to look for when choosing a card?

When reaching for a credit card, you must first pay attention to its basic parameters:

  • card issuance fee,
  • an annual fee for using the card,
  • interest-free period,
  • credit limit,
  • the possibility of splitting the debt into installments.

However, these parameters will not tell us much if we do not compare them with our needs. For the purposes of the ranking, we assumed that we are looking for the best credit card for a client whose monthly income under the employment contract amounts to PLN 5,500 net. What’s more, he needs two cards: for himself and for his other half. We also agree that each of these people will make monthly non-cash transactions with a card worth PLN 350.

Due to the fact that two cards will be used, looking for the best offer, we also checked how much it will cost:

  • issuing an additional card,
  • annual fee for using the additional card.

Every now and then banks offer card holders numerous bonuses, which we also took into account. We checked the special offer for new customers and discount programs. After all, if we have three equally good offers ahead of us, why not choose the one with the best additions. Thanks to this, you can combine useful and pleasant!

Each card could receive a total of 18.5 points. The detailed scoring can be checked by clicking on the banner below.

After browsing through many websites and regulations and comparing the offers, it turned out that the uncontested winner is the Citi Simplicity Good Finance card (15 points). Our distinction was also disserved by the World MasterCard of Bank Zachodni WBK (14.5 points), Comfortable Visa Raiffeisen Polbank (13.5 points) and Visa Credit Card by ING Bank Śląski (13.5 points).



If our customers reach for a Citi Simplicity Good Finance credit card, they will not pay anything for issuing the main and additional credit cards and for their use. They will be able to benefit from a long interest-free period – up to 56 days, and the interest rate on non-cash transactions will be 10 percent. What’s more, the bank will inform them by free SMS about transactions made, debt limit and reminders about the lack of repayment. Rebate programs will also be added to the card:

  • Citi Discounts, under which they will receive up to 50 percent discounts over 5,000 service and commercial points in Poland,
  • Citi World Privileges, under which they will receive discounts for selected restaurants, shops and SPAs around the world.

What’s more, new bank customers who have not used a Good Finance credit card since January 1, 2015 have a chance to receive a real entrance bonus – a voucher for PLN 400 to Douglas perfumery! The promotion is valid until June 30, 2017. To use it, all you have to do is meet some simple conditions.



  • make 5 transactions in the first year within 3 months of the card issuing by the bank; if they do not comply with this condition, they will pay up to PLN 125 for the main card;
  • from the second year they will have to make 5 transactions a month; if they do not comply with this condition, they will pay 10 PLN per month for the main card.

The interest-free period will be shorter than at the winner’s – our clients will have 54 days for interest-free repayment. Interest on non-cash transactions, like the winner, will be 10 percent. A rebate program will also be added to the card. Users will be able to join the Priceless Specials program: for each online shopping and shopping in stationary stores that are program partners, they will receive points paid for with the World MasterCard and these will be easily exchanged for rewards. What’s more, every new customer who opens an account and submits an application for a credit card will receive PLN 200 as part of the “PLN 200 Good Morning” promotion.