Good Finance Consumer Bank has been on the Polish market since 2006. The bank had previously operated under the banner of the Polish Financial Society. Today, customers may have trouble with this brand – there are two institutions with this name in Poland. Good Finance Consumer Bank and Good Finance Bank Polska (formerly BZ WBK). Today we are scanning the offer of the former, based in Wrocław.

Good Finance – The Loan You Want

Good Finance - The Loan You Want

Good Finance Consumer Bank is one of the leaders in the consumer finance market in our country. Its offer includes many credit products that allow them to be tailored to the individual needs and financial capabilities of clients. Good Finance’s business loans offer addressed to dealers and car dealerships is unique. Both individual and institutional clients benefit from loans at Good Finance.

Good Finance Consumer Bank loans are primarily:

  • cash loans,
  • consolidation loans,
  • credit cards,
  • car loans,
  • installment purchases.

Good Finance Consumer Bank no longer offers a standard mortgage, but it can offer customers who have taken a housing loan in the past to change the terms of the contract while paying the loan.

Good Finance – a loan for the purchase of goods and services

Good Finance - A Loan For The Purchase Of Goods And Services

One of the items offered by Good Finance Consumer Bank loans is a loan for the purchase of goods and services. The Good Finance bank loan includes:

  • installments in a traditional store,
  • installments in the online store.

You can find Good Finance installment loans in a stationary store over 35,000 points throughout the country. Is it worth using an installment loan?

  • You can buy selected goods or services right away, without putting down money or waiting for an opportunity.
  • You can spend your savings on another purpose.
  • You can choose more expensive and better goods here and now.

APRC (Annual Actual Interest Rate) of the installment loan granted by Good Finance Consumer Bank in a stationary store is 11.69 percent. The customer can set the installments by taking a Good Finance Consumer Bank loan. The loan period is up to 50 months.

A loan is also available for the purchase of goods and services in online stores. This is Good Finance online loan, available in over 3000 online stores. The loan period is up to 50 months, and the contract can be signed with the bank without leaving your home.

An Good Finance Consumer Bank loan in an online store, i.e. e-installments for goods and services, can be obtained in over 3,000 online stores and online auctions. APRC is 15.54 percent.

Good Finance credit card

Good Finance credit card

Good Finance Consumer Bank also grants its customers credit in the form of a credit card, granted after positive assessment of creditworthiness and delivery of the required documents. The bank’s offer includes cards:

  • Visa Comfort card – APRC is 24.65 percent, the card agreement can be concluded online or in a branch where you can immediately get a card; the asset of the offer is the low monthly fees for card services;
  • Visa Comfort Plus – APRC card is 31.96 percent, the card gives you the option of using additional money, the contract is signed online or at a branch, and the interest period is up to 54 days; the fees charged for using the card are low;
  • Visa TurboKARTA – APRC is 14.99 percent, the contract can be signed without leaving your home or branch, if certain conditions are met, such a Good Finance loan will be free and the card will be free; it is possible to refund 3% for fuel and 1% for other purchases up to PLN 30 per month;
  • Visa Media Markt – APRC card is 12.26 percent, the card is available in Media Markt stores, buys, and repayments in installments do not require signing further contracts; the card is also available for free;
  • Visa Castorama – APRC card is 13.33 percent, possibility of using installments without interest, agreement concluded in Castorama stores; interest on the loan is not accrued up to three or six months; it is possible to use the card for free.