Think direct mail is a dead and buried form of marketing and business communications? Well, think again.

Studies show direct mail campaigns generate five times more purchases than email campaigns.

As a result, small businesses that send direct mail to customers and prospects get results. For example, postcards for catalogs have become a cost effective way to ensure that your message stands out.

Direct mail services

You want to capitalize on 54 percent of consumers Who Said They Want To Receive Direct Mail From Brands? Then take a look at the following 12 direct mail services that your small business can use.


PsPrint offers a practical, fast and affordable approach. Small businesses design and print professional-looking mail for clients and prospects.

With PsPrint, you simply place your order. Then attach any artwork and your mailing list. And then you wait for your order to reach your target market. Soon inquiries about your product, service, promotion or whatever else you are marketing will come in.


Vistaprint is another choice. This service focuses on sending postcards by mail. All-in-one postcard mailing service lets you design your own postcard. Then add your address list. This launches your direct mail campaign.

Vistaprint allows you to select your target audience using different demographics. These include age, gender and income. As a result, it becomes an efficient service for small businesses looking to avoid reaching the wrong customers.

Every Door Mail Merge (EDDM)

EDDM of the US Postal Service provides targeted, affordable advertising that allows you to promote your small business through direct mail marketing.

Whether you are hosting a sale, running deals, or wanting to send flyers, menus or postcards to the right customers, with the online EDDM tool you can map neighborhood zip codes and filter by age, income or household size, to make sure you are targeting the right people to send business-quality mail to.

Cactus mail

Cactus mail offers a free, no-obligation marketing plan for your business that stays within your budget. With Cactus Mail, you can also take advantage of tracking options so that you can track the effectiveness of your direct mail campaign, ultimately helping you fine-tune and improve the campaign, in order to reach more customers.


Click2Mail allows you to send postcards, letters, notes, booklets, flyers, rack cards and more, to recipients that matter. The company allows you to send eye-catching and personalized promotions and direct mail campaigns. You can also send PDFs by post automatically and without encoding from Clcik2Mail’s easy-to-use service.

Shark mail

Shark mail provides an ideal target direct mail service for small businesses looking to identify specific demographics and addresses, rather than unnecessarily saturating an entire neighborhood.

With Mail Shark, you can also enjoy custom design and unlimited bookings, direct mail printing, flexible payment options, internal USPS mail verification, and postage confirmation and shipping. delivery.

Postcard Mania

Postcard Mania takes pride in tracking the results of clients’ industry specific campaigns, which helps you create the best email marketing strategy for your industry and business. The company offers a range of customization options and fast production and shipping times, which means your direct marketing will be sent to the right people quickly and efficiently.

Flyers for the next day

If you want to send vital business information quickly, Flyers for the next day might be a good choice for your direct mail campaign needs.

Whether it’s flyers or postcards you want to send, Next Day Flyers offers same-day printing, which means you get your message out to the people who matter without delay. (PFL)

PFL offers a one-stop solution for your small business direct mail needs. The company can design, print and mail the direct mail products you need to make sure your brand is reaching the right people

Modern postcard

Modern postcard helps small businesses grow through personalized direct mail campaigns. The team of in-house direct mail design and printing specialists will work with you to help you develop the direct mail products you are looking for.

US Mailing House

If you’re short on time, and let’s face it, most small businesses are, US Mailing House can take care of the whole direct mail process for you. The company’s team of direct mail experts will help you create professional direct mail products designed to match your target mailing list.

Print label and mail

Like US Mailing House, Print label and mail provides everything you will need. Create an effective direct mail campaign from one place. Just tell Print Label and Mailing your goals. And they’ll create a personalized program designed to deliver results. It will also adapt to your budget.

The company offers a full direct mail service, weekly “drip campaign” mailings, do-it-yourself mailings, and label and courier service if you’ve ever printed postcards.


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