Call for papers – Submission deadline October 22, 2021

1st Annual Central Bank Conference on Development Economics in the Middle East and North Africa

Macroeconomic policy: innovation and challenges in times of uncertainty

Hosted by: Central Bank of Tunisia

Sponsored by: Regional Central Bank Research Network in the MENA Region and Office of the World Bank Chief Economist for the MENA Region

Online conference, December 1 and 2, 2021

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Central Bank Research Departments Regional Research Network welcomes research paper submissions to be presented at the 1st Annual Development Economics Conference in the MENA region. The theme of the conference is “Macroeconomic Policy: Innovation and Challenges in Times of Uncertainty”.

Central banks have been at the forefront of the COVID-19 crisis to mitigate their effects through accommodating monetary policy responses in environments characterized by tight fiscal policy and high public debt in the MENA region. This new environment opens up many questions on how to design monetary policy in the face of uncertainty. Indeed, the growing risk of economic disruption, both within the region and beyond, underscores the need to design effective monetary policies to enable MENA countries to prepare for, resist and recover from disasters. . In addition, developments in financial technologies, blockchain and digital currencies present both opportunities and challenges for central banks. By profoundly changing the world we live in, these innovations are forcing institutions like central banks to anticipate how high-tech financial solutions could improve efficiency and bottom line across a wide range of industries.

The scientific committee of the conference thus seeks economic research articles on, but not limited to, the following topics:

  1. Conduct monetary policy in high debt environments.
  2. Support growth and recovery during COVID-19.
  3. The future of finance and the implications of digital currencies.

As the Scientific Committee searches for cutting edge research papers, the policy implications of the research conducted and the analyzes of policy responses in the above-mentioned themes are particularly appreciated.

The keynote speaker at the conference will be Carmen Reinhart, Vice President and Chief Economist of the World Bank Group.

The workshop will be opened by the Governor of the Central Bank of Tunisia. It will also include a political panel with central bank governors in the region on central bank independence in a context of high public debt chaired by Ferid Belhaj, World Bank vice president for the Middle East and Africa. North.

Interested authors should submit their articles by email to [email protected]

The deadline for submitting a full article is October 22, 2021. Authors of accepted papers will be notified before November 10, 2021. Only authors of accepted papers will be notified.

Context of the regional research network of central banks in the MENA region

The conference is sponsored by a newly formed steering committee made up of officials from the research departments of central banks in the MENA region. The Committee is chaired by Roberta Gatti, Chief Economist of the MENA region of the World Bank Group. The Committee includes representatives from the Central Bank of Djibouti, the Central Bank of Egypt, the Central Bank of Jordan, the Bank of Lebanon, Bank Al-Maghrib, the Palestinian Monetary Authority and the Bank central Tunisia. It aims to increase the influential role of research in decision-making and strengthen collaboration between researchers from the World Bank, central banks and universities in the MENA region.

The scientific committee is composed of Roberta V. Gatti, chief economist of the MENA region at the World Bank; May Abulnaga, First Deputy Governor of the Office of the Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt; Mohammad Atallah, director of the Research and Monetary Policy Department at the Palestinian Monetary Authority; Nedal Azzam, executive director of the research department at the Central Bank of Jordan; Leila Baghdadi, member of the management board of the Central Bank of Tunisia; Daniel Lederman, Deputy Chief Economist of the MENA Region at the World Bank; Chucri Mouannes, head of the statistics and economic research department at the Central Bank of Lebanon; Fatma Zohra Ouail, Research Director at the Bank of Algeria; Mohamed Robert, director of studies at the Central Bank of Djibouti; Abdessamad Saidi, research director at the Central Bank of Morocco; and Rachel Yuting Fan, Economist in the Office of the Chief Economist of the MENA Region at the World Bank.

Questions or comments regarding the submission of papers should be directed to [email protected].


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