Nine years after the day drama ended All my kids comes the work of a potential continuation courtesy of Valley of the Pines in prime time on ABC. The proposed drama for 2021, which was developed by Alphabet Net, comes from All my kids former Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, who will be executive producers alongside Andrew Stearn, Leo Richardson and filmmaker Robert Nixon, the late son All my kids designer Agnès Nixon. Its title, of course, pays homage to the fictional suburb of Pine Valley, Pennsylvania, where the soap opera was filmed.

Airing on ABC for 43 years, fans were ecstatic when ABC announced they were canceling the two All my kids and A life to live. Plans were also to end her only remaining daytime drama, General hospital, but the immediate fan outcry kept General hospital on air.

All my kids aired its last episode on ABC on September 23, 2011 and A life to live on January 13, 2012, respectively. Both were relaunched digitally, albeit briefly, by production company Prospect Park on The Online Network. But that was before Netflix demonstrated the relevance of consuming content online.

In the following proposed, Valley of the Pines follows a young journalist with a secret agenda that exposes the dark and murderous history of the city to find himself entangled in a quarrel between the Kane and Santos families. The potential series will explore all the secrets that come with the last names Kane and Santos.

Valley of the Pines will feature a new generation of characters and a few old favorites (including, no doubt, Emmy Award winner Susan Lucci as Erica Kane). Currently, no official casting has been announced yet.

While a prime time edit of this daytime favorite might seem unusual, let’s not forget the relevance of this category in the prime time interview of yesteryear favorites including Dallas, spin off Landing Knots, Dynasty and Falcon crest. Given the relevance of All my kids, the time may have come for a return of this serialized format. Valley of the Pines.

Stay tuned.

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