Vancouver, British Columbia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Airswift, a leading fintech company pioneering Web 3.0 native payment solutions, announced the launch of Airswift Connect, a comprehensive payment gateway that easily integrates with merchants’ online stores for their enable seamless acceptance of cryptocurrency worldwide.

Connect allows online merchants to settle their digital currency assets in stablecoin or fiat daily while enjoying lower transaction fees than credit card payments. Integrating Connect with a website or app is also easy: for a faster and easier onboarding experience, merchants can use the gateway plugin for Shopify or WooCommerce. Or they can customize their online payment to its full potential using Connect’s API tool.

And until December 31, 2022, Connect customers also enjoy 0% transaction fees for 90 days when they sign up to accept crypto payments.

“Airswift customers benefit from our proven track record of securely managing billion-dollar transaction volumes using our enterprise-grade Web 3.0 native financial infrastructure,” said Dr. Yan. Zhang, co-founder and CEO of Airswift. “Additionally, Connect has a robust funds management system that provides our customers with an extra layer of financial protection.”

While developing the “Connect” gateway, the Airswift team applied its extensive experience in global payment gateways and enterprise-level crypto-payment infrastructure. Connect therefore offers a world-class merchant workspace that allows merchants to intuitively track crypto assets and perform financial reconciliation.

In addition to enjoying a seamless journey to crypto acceptance, Airswift merchants benefit from profitable same-day exit ramps and integrated DeFi services.

Dr. Yan Zhang is a successful entrepreneur in crypto, e-commerce and Fintech. Its team brings comprehensive expertise in blockchain R&D, having obtained more than fifty technology-related patents. Airswift also has significant experience in payment gateway operations, securing strong regulatory approvals in North America, SEA and EMEA.

About Air Swift

Airswift is a fintech company pioneering crypto payment solutions for businesses and consumers around the world. It provides a web 3.0 native omnichannel payment gateway, on-chain supply chain finance system, crypto-funded prepaid cards, and on-ramp and off-ramp services that connect businesses to consumers. Airswift is widely recognized as a leader in blockchain technology, with extensive operational experience in global digital payments and enterprise web 3.0 financial infrastructure. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Airswift was established in 2022 with backing from leading industry investors. For more information, please visit