Audi has launched a pilot charging hub concept with fast charging stations to meet future peak demands and the lack of home charging opportunities. The company believes that with the growing number of electric models, the charging infrastructure requirements will also increase.

Audi’s fast charging concept requires high power charging stations (HPCs) which can be reserved in advance to provide a high level of planning security. In addition, a seating area next door will provide an attractive and premium place for guests to spend their time.

The fast charging hub is a flexible and durable concept that comes with a storage of 2.45 Mwh. Thanks to the enormous intermediate storage, the six charging stations, which have a charging power of up to 300 kW, only need a standard high-voltage connection of 400 volts. This makes the power from 11 kW per cube sufficient to be able to fill the three storage modules with a total capacity of 2.45 MWh continuously and recharge them overnight.

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There are photovoltaic modules on the roof which provide additional green energy. This reduces required planning time and costs while saving resources. The modular concept offers maximum scalability. The entire hub can be transported, installed and quickly adapted to any individual location – largely independent of the capabilities of the local network.

Audi is currently seeking a location in Germany for its pilot charging hub project and talks with possible partners are currently underway. Its commissioning is scheduled for the second half of the year. The pilot phase plan also provides that drivers of cars of other brands can use open and unreserved charging stations.

The availability of a charging infrastructure is essential to achieve Audi’s objective of electric mobility and to drive its transformation towards sustainable premium mobility. The brand plans to redouble its efforts by 2025 with a wide range of more than 20 fully electric models.

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