Michael Bisping refuted McGregor’s claim he fled the UK out of fear and then made a request to the Irishman.

This is the final verbal salvo in the war of words that has erupted this week between the two greatest speakers in UFC history. The duo traded beards in a late-night stoush on Twitter that started after Bisping, responding to earlier comments from “The Notorious,” compared the Irishman’s legacy to his often hastily deleted tweets.

Not one to turn the other cheek, McGregor hit back by posting a photo of Bisping boarding a commercial airliner – an apparent insult in the world of the filthy rich’s private jets. Conor.

After “The Count” responded by shedding light on Conor’s petite stature, “The Notorious” salaciously accused Bisping of fleeing the UK following what we now know to be a hostile visit. of his former management team.

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Michael Bisping dismisses McGregor’s claims he fled UK

On his Believe me podcast, Bisping responded to McGregor’s accusation and clarified what really happened between him and his ex-management.

Bisping has been embroiled in a bitter legal battle with his former management over the past decade, which he says has recently come to a head.

“The whole case has been sent out of court, and they owe me a significant amount of money, which I will sue,” Bisping said.

The lawsuits came after what Bisping called an “unpleasant separation from my ex-management,” who he said made a veiled threat against him by going to his mother’s home.

“When I was fighting Chael Sonnen, then I was in Chicago, on weigh-in day I got a phone call from my mom and the people in question, the ex-management, actually went to my mom’s house and knocked on the door and just presented him with some papers. But I know what they were doing. It was kind of a veiled threat, you know what I mean? “Oooh, we know where your mother lives” and all the rest, ”Bisping said.

“The Earl” then responded to McGregor’s claim that he had fled the UK after visiting his mother.

“Anyway, like I said, by that time I had lived in America for at least six months or so, something like that. But Conor comes back and says, ‘Oh, you’re a real man, aren’t you? They came knocking on your mother’s door and you sent her to America.

Michel Bisping
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“So number one it’s hilarious because it’s completely factual [sic] and incorrect. And secondly, it’s even funnier because you don’t have a joke. You just have to go straight for the staff, go straight for the chinstrap, and come out with incorrect factual information about my past and my personal situation, ”Bisping said.

Finally, Bisping let Conor know that their relationship is not one where the term “brother” should be used, further telling the “Notorious” to keep his name out of his mouth.

“So anyway, I wasn’t going to go back and forth with that. And then he mentioned ‘brother’ several times. I’m like ‘I’m not your brother’, smiley face, leave it there. Either way, whatever. I don’t want this to continue. It’s a bit settled now. But I just thought that one point, I had to address it …

“Anyway, listen, McGregor, like I said the other day, rest, heal yourself, go back to the Octagon, and leave my name out, mate,” said Bisping.

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