Recently, LOL has been creamed for its bad choice in the centenary logo. Today, in celebration of its 100th anniversary, Land O’ Lakes announcement the company is dropping its logo which depicts a Native American woman. But, even with this news, people are giving opinions about this change, some favorable and some less so.

While many agree and celebrate alongside Audra, in typical Twitter fashion, there is one side that disagrees.

The Land O’ Lakes press release made no mention of their old Native American logo, but instead said this;

As Land O’Lakes looks towards its 100th anniversary, we recognized that we needed packaging that reflected the foundations and core of our corporate culture – and nothing does it better than our farmer-owners whose milk is used to produce Land O’Lakes. dairy products.

Land O’Lakes Inc.

Land O’Lakes Inc.

Personally, butter is butter, butter is butter, but if Native Americans feel that the use of their race likeness is offensive, how can that be challenged? There may be no malice behind the use of logos depicting Native Americans, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be civilized conversation on the subject. That’s the good thing about being American, we can talk to each other like adults in order to get along and understand each other.

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