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New Delhi [India]Jun 17 (ANI/ATK): Buying low and selling high is the common technique of many investors in the crypto world.
Presales usually give people a chance to invest in a new currency early before it hits the market and becomes available to the general public.
It is a known fact that usually coins will only grow throughout the pre-sale phase, making it a great investment opportunity. Keep reading to find out which coin had an amazing pre-sale journey, which coin to consider next, and where the established coins stand.
Is CashFi (CFI) the way to go?
Proving to be a breath of fresh air in the crypto market, CashFi (CFI) is the next generation of liquid staking. It is designed to be an ecosystem for NFT, synthetic asset services and leading liquid staking providing access to a wide range of possibilities. Currently, in its presale phase until September 26, 2022, the token offers organized commerce, trusted establishments, and reduced legalities for a user-friendly experience. With the success of its pre-sale, it is believed to be the next cryptocurrency to explode. To create a cross-chain NFT market, CFI NFTs will be integrated as part of the CashFi ecosystem.
The platform also gives you the opportunity to open your own NFT marketplace via CashFi while facilitating your NFT bidding.
There is a fixed supply of 200 million CFI assets establishing transparency and accountability in how assets are released, although only 60 million CFI tokens are offered for sale. The platform supports the ERC-20 token standard.
Is Avalanche (AVAX) still the “Ethereum killer”?
Despite being hit hard by the recent cryptocurrency crash, Avalanche (AVAX) recently launched other Chainlink services on its network, showing remarkable resilience to market volatility. The Avalanche Foundation is focused on accelerating the adoption and growth of its new subnets and first scaling solution for Web3 dApps.
The platform claims to be the fastest smart contract platform in the blockchain industry, measured by time to finality. The platform lets you scale to millions of validators with minimal hardware. You have the choice to stake or lock your AVAX to facilitate transaction processing and further secure the platform. Currently in the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, Avalanche confirms transactions instantly and processes thousands of transactions per second. It gives investors the flexibility to deploy blockchains that meet their own application needs.
It is believed to have almost the same number of daily transactions as Ethereum (ETH), providing more opportunities to cash out investments, with many calling the coin “Ethereum Killer”.

Where is Filecoin (FIL) after its pre-sales boom?
Designed to store humanity’s most important information, Filecoin (FIL) is a decentralized peer-to-peer storage network founded in 2014. Known for having one of the most successful pre-sales in the history of the cryptocurrency, the platform allows anyone to participate as a storage provider and monetize their free hard drive space.
Essentially, you can retrieve, host, or store digital data, making cloud storage a commodity while also having the ability to sell your data on the network.
Unlike other cryptocurrencies in the market, FIL uses proof of replication and proof of spacetime in its network for a safe place to exchange tokens and other assets. The platform promotes free marketplaces allowing users to store their data at low cost. By storing data for customers and calculating cryptographic proofs to verify storage over time, storage providers can earn Filecoin (FIL).
CashFi (CFI) is the native cryptocurrency token and can be used as a payment option for network services. Experts believe it has the potential to be the next cryptocurrency to explode.
Learn more about the CashFi presale (CFI):
Presale: https://enter.cashfi.finance/register
Website: https://cashfi.finance/
Telegram: https://t.me/CashFi_Token
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CashFi_Token
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