FAIR OAKS (CBS13) – Triple digit temperatures are forcing many people to triple check their plants and think twice about what to plant in the future.

Nurseries are now switching products to meet the growing demand for drought-resistant varieties.

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Quinton Young showed us around his nursery in Fair Oaks.

“These are tall flowering shrubs, good for attracting pollinators. These work great with low to medium water,” Young said.

He says California’s drought demands different types of landscaping.

“A lot of homeowners are more aware of water-efficient landscapes,” Young said.

Sales in this area are on the rise, says Young, as are the number of products on offer.

“You’re looking at a lot of native Australians, South Africans, South Americans,” Young said.

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Greg Gayton of Green Acres Nursery says Mediterranean plants also do well in the Central Valley heat.

“It’s daphne, probably one of the most drought tolerant plants we have in the nursery,” Gayton said.

Gayton says establishing the root structure is key

“The plants you planted five years ago that are water or drought tolerant are now thriving in this heat and low water year,” Gayton said.

And that is why a drip irrigation system is suggested to establish them.

“[The] the drip basically goes down to the root system of the plants,” Gayton said. “You don’t water everything else.”

Experts advise researching which varieties do well in this area and paying attention to how much water they need, as water restrictions can have a ripple effect on landscaping.

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To find out what kind of water regulations you have in your municipality, go to https://bewatersmart.info/.