MOSCOW, December 25. / TASS /. Russian online marketplace Wildberries saw an 81% increase in demand for products made in Russia abroad in December 2021, compared to the same period of 2020, a company representative told TASS.

“The company has seen an increased demand for products made in Russia: between December 1 and December 23, 2021, there was an 81% increase in the total value of purchases beyond Russia compared to the 1st- December 23, 2020, ”said the representative.

According to the market, the increase in demand was highest for Russian-made jewelry (a six-fold increase), tableware and cutlery (a three-fold increase) and hair accessories (a two-fold increase, 3).

Overall, during this period, residents of the United States, Germany, France, Israel, Moldova and other countries placed orders totaling 5.7 billion rubles ($ 77,380,000), 70% more than a year earlier. Most often, buyers ordered makeup and perfume, clothes, toys, household items and party favors, the company said.

In December, the most active buyers were residents of Israel, Latvia, Germany, Estonia and the United States. In Israel, chocolate and tea gift sets were the most requested, while Latvia ordered large builders’ sets and interactive plush toys; Germany preferred the Monopoly and Jenga games, while US residents ordered the books “The Christmas Pig” by Joanne Rowling and “The Adventures of New Year’s Toys” by Elena Rakitina.

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