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Welcome to the Thomas Index report for the week of November 22.

Last week Deere and Company and the United Auto Workers union reached a new tentative deal for an updated contract in an attempt to end a strike that began in mid-October. The United Auto Workers union represents more than 10,000 Deere employees in the company’s production and maintenance departments who seek higher wages and improved benefits as the company posts record sales figures, with revenues that are expected to increase by more than 100% year over year. .

But with the strike now surpassing the four-week mark, farmers and other agricultural professionals are worried about the resulting machine delays and the anticipated impacts on this year’s upcoming harvests and planting preparations. next year, especially given long-term disruptions to the industry’s supply chain. already trying. While it’s common to see a rush in purchases of new and used tractors and other machinery at the end of the year, experts say this is the biggest increase in demand. and sales they’ve seen for decades.

This entry reflects the industrial sourcing activity that we observe in these categories on the Thomasnet.com platform. Request agricultural material grew 68% year-over-year and jumped 108% from last quarter figures. In the related category of agricultural material, supply increased 50% year over year and 73% compared to Q3 averages.

I’m Shawn Fitzgerald, and this is the Thomas Index report.

Top 10 categories with the most month-to-month sourcing activity

  • Medical components: 25355%
  • Shooting: 8566%
  • Coils: 7155%
  • CNC milling: 5329%
  • Plastic parts: 4213%
  • Engineering and surveying instruments: 4,142%
  • GED: 3765%
  • Prototypes: 3685%
  • Carpentry: 2980%
  • Precision wire EDM services: 2837%

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