It’s part of a series bringing Northwestern State fans together on the whereabouts of former student-athletes, coaches and staff at the NSU.

Name: Dr Jodie Libadisos

Current professional position: Associate Athletic Director, University of South Florida
Surveillance zones:

  • Sports supervisor: athletics and cross-country men and women, women’s volleyball, women’s sailing
  • Student-Athlete Improvement Unit
  • Bulls Varsity Club (award winning program)

Role / Time at Northwestern State: Supervision of academic / student-athlete and SWA development (2008-2011)

Career path since leaving NSU:
Assistant AD at USF – Academic and student-athlete development (2011-2013)

  • o Creating a student-athlete development program from scratch
  • o Led the Academic Unit and was also a direct adviser for Men’s Basketball the last time they went to the NCAA tournament

USF Associate AD – Student-Athlete Improvement (2013-present)

  • o Promotion and transition of academics to targeted oversight and further development of student-athlete development programs
  • o Addition of sports surveillance

What is your most memorable moment at NSU? :
Athletic memory:
Double overtime victory in football against Sam Houston State. It was the home game in 2010 and we won by a field goal after freezing the kicker several times with all the timeouts we had left. If memory serves, their kicker made all the kicks he gave before the time-out was called, but then missed against the goal post on the kick that counted.
In fgeneral: The people. I have had great experiences and still cherish the people I worked with during my time at NSU. Some are still there and many have moved on to new things. It’s a special place that has a way of bonding with those who arrive there.

Who is the person you met or logged in with at NSU and kept in touch with?
Greg burke, Ryan Holloway, Cary Bruno Choate, Brendan Ferrell, Carrie Greene. There are others, but they are the ones I am still talking to.

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