Reverend Dr Leroy Barber aka Black Santa uses a giant snow globe to keep everyone safe during his events during the pandemic.

courtesy of Leroy Barber

Over the past year, many professional Santa Claus have spoken to children virtually. This was before the big vaccine rollout and long before FDA approval for immunization of children as young as 5 years old. In the second year of the pandemic, the vacation landscape is a little different. And more and more people are looking for in-person visits from Santa Claus. Professional Santas are in demand for both public and private events and in some cases that demand exceeds what these friendly, bearded people expected in the pre-pandemic years.

Reverend Leroy Barber, aka Black Santa PDX, said he is hosting at least twice as many events this year as in 2019. Susan Mesco has also seen explosive demand for Santas in person. She is the Founder and Director of the Professional Santa Claus School and President of American Events & Promotions and SantaVisitsUSA. We hear from Barber, Mesco and Barb Wright, owner of the Ooodles toy store in Portland.

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