Emirates is preparing for Eid Al Fitr by adding additional flights to seven cities in the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Middle East.

The member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, State of Qatar and State of Kuwait.

Emirates is adding more flights to cities it already serves in Saudi Arabia; Riyadh, Jeddah, Medina and Dammam. It will also offer more flights to Amman, Beirut and Kuwait, bringing the total of added flights to twenty-three.

Emirates relies on its A380s and B777s for capacity

Emirates has 132 Boeing B777s in service and ready for additional services during Eid Al Fitr. Photo: Getty Images

Additional capacity will come from the deployment of Airbus A380s and Boeing B777s on selected routes. Emirates will offer the additional capacity from April 28 to May 8 to these seven cities.

Data from ch-aviation.com reveals that Emirates has 73 of its A380-800s active while 48 are idle. For its B777-300ER, the figures are 122 active and two inactive, while there are also 10 B777-200LRs in active service.

In Saudi Arabia, Emirates is adding two additional flights on May 2 and May 8 to meet expected demand to and from Riyadh. To Jeddah, it will add five B777 flights and upgrade an existing A380 flight.

There will be four additional flights to Medina during the same period, and on April 28, an additional flight to Dammam.

Emirates also expects high demand for flights from Saudi Arabia to Dubai for the Eid Al Fitr celebrations. The airline says other popular destinations from Saudi Arabia include the Maldives, Paris, Bangkok, Mauritius, Manila and Los Angeles.

Kuwaiti travelers will head to Dubai for the celebrations and further afield to London, Mauritius, the Maldives, Paris and Bangkok. To meet this additional demand, Emirates is offering additional B777 services.

Catering to a large family reunion market, Emirates is adding additional B777 flights from Beruit and Amman to Dubai.

In keeping with the festive season and Middle Eastern hospitality, Emirates will be offering a specially curated Eid menu from May 2-5. The Eid menu will be served on all GCC, Middle East and North Africa flights departing from or arriving in Dubai. .

Arabic coffee, dates and traditional Eid sweets will be served in the Emirates First and Business Class Dubai lounges. In the Cairo and Singapore lounges, customers will be offered special sweets and savory dishes.

Jumbo jets are revitalized and ready to go

Emirates’ A380 fleet is rapidly coming back to life with the return of long-haul flights. Photo: Emirates

On April 6, Emirates announced it was restarting four routes and adding capacity on others.

Services to Bali will resume on May 1, London Stanstead on August 1, Rio de Janeiro on November 2 and Buenos Aires on November 2. Boeing B777-300ERs will operate the four routes.

Bali will resume with five weekly flights, daily from July 1. Similarly, London Stanstead will start with five weekly flights and will go daily from September 1.

By October, Emirates will operate 110 weekly flights to the UK. Flights will serve London’s Heathrow, Gatwick and Stanstead airports and to Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle and Glasgow.

Four weekly flights to Buenos Aires via Rio de Janeiro will restart on November 2 and switch to daily from February 1, 2023.

Additional capacity is being added for flights to Lagos and Abuja in Nigeria, Mauritius and Singapore.

Emirates is really starting to get its fleet of 256 wide-body jets back to work in a hurry.

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Source: ch-aviation

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