Add Julio Jones to a roster of already championship-caliber San Francisco 49ers could make the Bay Area team a Super Bowl favorite. Word is, the Atlanta Falcons have already received an offer of a future first-round pick for the future Hall of Fame wide receiver. It’s probably not the 49ers, unless it’s a first-round pick in 2024. That’s when San Francisco goes on to have a first round after trading their own first-round picks to the over the next two seasons to move to selection quarterback. Trey Lance.

There’s Jones’ Kyle Shanahan connection with the 49ers, and the crew would definitely love to go see a contender. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reports that league teams are watching San Francisco to see if the team will make an aggressive move to reunite Shanahan with the seven-time Pro Bowler and twice the first-team All-Pro.

“By asking (the) league about Julio Jones, the teams are watching the 49ers closely,” Fowler wrote via Twitter, “but don’t know how far they would go after giving up. [ones] for Trey Lance. “

As Fowler points out, it’s not just compensation that needs to be considered. An interested team must account for Jones’ base salary of $ 15.3 million. While teams can ask the Falcons to cover some of this, they’re unlikely to do much, if at all. After all, the goal is to lose as much pay as possible. Atlanta has $ 337,851 of salary cap space, per

Meanwhile, San Francisco has nearly $ 17.7 million in cap space, but still has three members of its draft class to sign and needs to put money aside for any potential dealings during the season. . Center Weston Richburg is expected to retire after Tuesday, which should free up some money. Chief contract negotiator Paraag Marathe could also create a little more room with some of his salary cap magic, which could include contract restructurings.

Fowler’s co-worker Dianna Russini reports that the Seattle Seahawks have had discussions with the Falcons over Jones and that quarterback Russell Wilson and the receiver have spoken of playing together.

Jones going to a division rival would certainly be problematic for Shanahan and the 49ers, who will have to face the wide receiver at least twice per season. However, the Seahawks also don’t have a first-round pick in 2022. No official move will take place until June 1 to minimize the impact of the salary cap for any interested team.