EAST LOS ANGELES (KABC) – The family of a man killed by East Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies bring his demand for justice on the streets.

Members of David Ordaz’s family held a march and rally for justice on Saturday.

The 34-year-old East LA resident was shot and killed by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies.

Bodycam video captured the deadly March 14 encounter outside the family’s home.

Ordaz was seen holding a knife as MPs pointed guns at him.

Her sister says she called the authorities because her brother was having a mental health crisis.

“I had called myself for advice and help for him,” said Hilda Pedroza, his sister. “I needed help because he was trying to kill himself.”

Family members witnessed the fatal shooting.

Although Ordaz, a father of three, was armed, they say they do not understand why the deputies opened fire.

“He had it all the time, he was pointing down,” Pedroza said. “It was never intended for anyone the whole time.”

Sheriff Alex Villanueva has expressed “serious concerns” about the shooting. In July, the sheriff said one of the four MPs involved had been relieved of his duties.

Sheriff Villanueva expresses ‘serious concerns’ over deadly shots by deputies caught on body camera

The family is suing the sheriff’s department and deputies. They would like to see mental health professionals, not officers or assistants, called in to handle such situations.

“It was important to us,” Pedroza said. “He was not just anybody. He was our brother, our son, our father.”

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