Gaming was the life of millennials in the late 90s and early 2000s. We spent days and nights playing Call of Duty or World of Warcraft. Today is not much different for the younger generations, but some things have undoubtedly changed.

We used to play for fun, sometimes bragging about how good we were and how we managed to destroy some of our friends in battle. Playing today means having a chance to win a lot of money.

Technology has changed and decentralized blockchain platforms offer a whole different experience. The games now offer cryptocurrency rewards, and Universe Island, a new metaverse shooter, seems to be leading most of them.

What is the Universal Island?

Universe Island is a third-person shooter game featuring a virtual world where opponents meet and try to defeat each other while dodging AI enemies stuck on the map. Each match takes place on some of the many islands, and each of these islands offers different landscapes, mysteries, enemies, and rewards.

Players control their custom animated characters equipped with space guns and flying jetpacks, among others. Base characters have limited power and skills, but you can make them more powerful as the game progresses.

Each match win offers a particular amount of rewards earned in the native currency $ UIM. The choice of a strategy for using or withdrawing tokens is essential. The token can be used to purchase NFT game equipment that makes the character powerful, while withdrawing it can make you rich in real life. Of course, this all depends on how successful you are in the game and how much time you spend playing. Deciding what to invest and what to withdraw is crucial for further success.

What is the UIM token?

The UIM token is the main economic driver of the UIM ecosystem. Token holders can wager their UIM and earn rewards; they can use it for in-game purchases, get involved in the rich NFT market, or withdraw into their wallet.

The creators of the game have provided a total supply of 100 billion tokens to support the ecosystem. Although most tokens are awarded to private investors and investors, there will still be 15 billion tokens available for participation rewards. Almost anything in the Metaverse can reward you with $ UIM. Spending more time playing, winning, participating in tournaments, or trading NFTs can pay off.

There are three features of the Universe Island metaverse where tokens find various use cases. There is the “open world”, where players can train without wasting energy, spend time sharing thoughts and ideas with other players, socializing and discussing trades.

Then there’s the scalable ‘community engagement’ feature – a place where daily, weekly, and monthly challenges are available, tournaments are announced, and community events happen to keep players up to date with whatever is going on. NFT Tokens and Rewards will be earned by the top performing and most loyal players daily, weekly and monthly.

Finally, the “Metaverse Gallery” is where players showcase their NFT collections. It will be a virtual 3D environment designed to become a popular metaverse location. The gallery will be the only feature available initially, but later it will also be possible to build houses and invite friends.

What are the NFT Universe Island?

The first NFTs created for Universe Island are called the “Infinity collection”, A collection of in-game props and weapons that help your character become more successful. Boots, armor, helmets, gloves, and jetpacks are all available as an NFT card that improves your skills, defense, and offense.

All cards are divided into six categories providing different percentages of improvement and rarity of attributes. The improvement in attributes is proportional to the rarity of the cards, so the higher the boost rate, the higher the rarity of the card.

The rarest cards are also the rarest NFTs. These NFTs are real crypto assets that can be traded using UIM tokens and then traded for USDT. Players who manage to get a rare NFT can view it in the gallery and offer it on the NFT Marketplace for other players to buy.

How do Universe Islands players get cryptocurrency?

Everyone registered and playing on Universe Island is a winner. The more time you spend in the Metaverse, the more rewards you get. Loyalty is of the utmost importance to the creators of this game, which is why they are willing to grant you more tokens for just being part of their metaverse.

All rewards are in their native token UIM, but that token can then be removed from your e-wallet and redeemed for some of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Simply put, installing Universe Island, earning, and spending more time in the metaverse features will get you cryptocurrency.

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