TORONTO, July 06, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Blockchain Foundry Inc. (“BCF” or the “Company”) (CSE: BCFN) has entered into a blockchain development agreement (the “Agreement”) with Gifty, a new company by Evolve Media to create a cryptocurrency and NFT donation platform. San Francisco-based Evolve Media is an award-winning creative agency established in 2007 that produces content for commercial, television and film audiences around the world.

The deal engages Blockchain Foundry to create a solution design to develop the Gifty platform.

“In a space that is changing so rapidly, I was looking for the best partner to execute my vision for our cryptocurrency donation platform. After interviewing several companies, Blockchain Foundry was the obvious choice due to their deep understanding of the concept. , of their impressive record track, and the details into which they were able to distil our ideas, ”said Tommy Maples, Founder of Evolve Media.

“We are excited to work with Tommy Maples to continue to mainstream cryptocurrency by developing his vision for a platform that delivers a simple and easy-to-use cryptocurrency giveaway experience,” said Dan Wasyluk, CEO by BCF.

About Gifty by Evolve Media

Gifty by Evolve Media is a new platform designed to simplify the offering of cryptocurrency to non-cryptocurrency holders. Gifty has a unique design that allows anyone to receive cryptocurrency or NFT from a gift giver without going through the complicated process of setting up a wallet. Gifty’s goal is not only to simplify the gift of crypto but also to accelerate adoption.

Gifting cryptocurrencies to friends and family outside the ecosystem is a daunting task. In many cases, the gift recipient never manages to create an account or wallet to receive their crypto. The new Gifty platform solves this problem by allowing the recipient to access their crypto by simply clicking on an email link that takes them to their Gifty dashboard, with instant access after entering a sent 2FA code. on his phone.

At its core, Gifty is about giving, but it’s also designed with a focus on the global adoption of crypto. Once the recipient accepts their crypto or NFT, through their sleek yet easy-to-understand dashboard, they receive educational tools, as well as multimedia and video recommendations from the sender. The initial features will allow recipients to stake their crypto for more rewards, re-offer it, transfer it to another wallet, or cash it out.

Gifty has also integrated a sender staking feature by offering an option to place a maturity date on a crypto giveaway that will earn rewards until it matures. The recipient will have access to the visualization and knowledge of their crypto gift, but will not be able to carry out any transaction until they have reached their maturity date. This feature was designed for college funds, wedding funds, etc., but we are seeing its application grow more over time.

About Blockchain Foundry Inc.

Blockchain Foundry develops and markets blockchain-based business solutions and provides consulting services to corporate clients looking to integrate blockchain technology into their businesses.

Contact details of the Blockchain Foundry:

Dan Wasyluk
Chief executive officer
(647) 794-0994
[email protected]

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