DELHI, DELHI, INDIA, July 11, 2021 / – Heyprofit is a global provider of trade signals. The company develops some of the most accurate trading signals for the FX, commodities, gold, stocks and crypto markets, including CFD trading.

The Heyprofit team aims to provide advanced financial signals for trading in various markets, enabling traders to make informed decisions. This vision led the company to create advanced financial analysis software available through Telegram and in On Call version. They offer free and paid versions of the signals to suit every type of trader.

Why you need trading signals
A trade signal is a way to identify opportunities to open a trade position. These signals are not only used by retail traders, but also by large institutional traders, to accurately identify buying or selling opportunities for the asset of their choice. Trade signals for forex or commodities are generated through solid technical analysis, based on the market performance of the asset, along with fundamental analysis, quantitative analysis and other market factors, such as economic indicators.

The goal is to provide traders with an automated system, devoid of human emotions and errors, to predict potential price changes and the direction of the change. Besides very simple sell and buy triggers, trading signals can also be used to modify a portfolio. This is done by determining when to buy more than one asset and reduce investments in another. It can also be useful in the allocation of asset classes. It can help investors figure out how to transfer money between forex, commodities, cryptos, and other markets.

Moreover, the trade signals also have the task of educating the trader. With these signals, traders can determine the logic behind their trades. This shortens their learning curve. However, there are several trading signals to choose from and not all of them are equally useful. This is why for trading signals, compatible with both iOS and Android and the web, can be a great way to analyze the markets.

Free vs VIP trading signals
There are 2 types of accounts on Heyprofit trading signals. The first is the basic plan, which is completely free. Even with the free version, traders can access a wide range of features, such as dashboard, live feed, rankings, and payout ratio.

The second type of account is the VIP account, which requires a monthly fee. Merchants can reduce fees by subscribing for a longer period. With the VIP account, merchants have access to features such as:

Daily market signals
Long term strategy
Email Signals + Support
Dedicated relationship manager
Review of trading goals
Free telegram signals
Face-to-face with Heyprofit’s research manager
Mobile access
“Our team is constantly innovating and improving its offers based on the real demands of traders. Shashi added.

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