BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) – With COVID-19 testing in high demand, scams are popping up eager to collect personal information from an unsuspecting victim. The Better Business Bureau has joined First News at Four to offer advice on how to stay safe and avoid scams.

Jason Meza of the Better Business Bureau said that due to the high demand for COVID testing, there are scammers who have taken the opportunity to set up questionable testing sites. He gave examples that these sites might use the wrong methods or they might take people’s money and never give them the results. Worse yet, they often take personal information.

These crooks attempt to obtain sensitive data such as health insurance, social security numbers and credit card information, according to Meza. Scammers appear attractive by promising quick turnaround times, tempting people who need a test for work or school, but they need to be careful. In order to ensure that the testing site is legitimate, Mesa suggests calling the associated numbers to ensure that the testing site represents the lab it advertises.

For anyone who falls victim to these scams, the best thing to do is go to and start the research process to see who has their information and report it. And of course, for everyone who paid these scammers, they should dispute the charges, freeze their account, and try to get their money back. Mesa urges the public to report anything fishy by saying that your experience may help someone else.

The BBB is seeing similar scams with online testing. People pay online for home test kits that never show up. Again, these scammers are looking for money and personal information. Check out the scam tracking feature on the BBB website for more information.

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