HIRTA launches a new smartphone application, an on-demand service

Posted on August 26, 2022 by KWBG

URBANDALE, Iowa—HIRTA is excited to announce new on-demand transportation service available in all seven counties in the service area. This new feature, starting September 12, is in addition to HIRTA’s existing service and is available with the new HIRTA On Demand smartphone app.

The service is a step toward HIRTA’s vision to improve community livability and promote independent lifestyles for residents of central Iowa. The easy-to-use HIRTA On Demand app will give passengers more flexibility to schedule, pay for and cancel rides.

Highlights of the HIRTA On Demand app

● Book, track and cancel rides through the app

● Receive automated ride notification reminders the day before a reservation, when the vehicle is approaching and when the vehicle has arrived

● Pay by credit card directly in the app

● Monitor the real-time location of the vehicle

● Available in English and Spanish

Julia Castillo, Executive Director, said: “Mobility choice and flexibility is vital to the quality of life of people in the communities they live in and it is up to us to use innovative technology to achieve this. This new on-demand service will allow us to get people where they need to go in the most affordable and environmentally friendly way possible, while maintaining the integrity of the other services we offer. We’re sure HIRTA On Demand will appeal to current and new passengers alike, and we look forward to seeing you on the bus.

The HIRTA On Demand will be available for free download from the App Store and Google Play on September 6 and available for use from September 12. Riders who do not wish to use the app can still schedule by calling 1 (877) 686-0029 or emailing [email protected]

(contributed press release, HIRTA)