SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – The housing market in the Ozarks is getting even busier for real estate agents and buyers.

“At the moment my team is constantly working,” said Mike Brown, Browntown Homes – Keller Williams Realty. “There is still a lot of activity everywhere. “

Sellers profit from the economics of supply and demand. This time of year typically has approximately 3,200 units available in the area. There are currently only 665.

“Because we have such a housing shortage right now, a shortage of homes for sale right now, I don’t see this shortage going away anytime soon,” said Leena Robertson, 2021 MLS chairperson with Greater Springfield Board of Realtors. . “It tends to push values ​​up much higher than they normally would be.”

There has been a slight increase in the number of available homes in recent weeks, but Brown doesn’t think there will be any repercussions when things calm down.

“While agents wait to see when the market balances, there aren’t many fears of a stock market crash like 2008,” Brown said.

Realtors have said that there are what they call “hidden inventories,” which are homes of people who want to sell their homes, but they keep them because there are no new homes in which to sell. they can move in.

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