Jennifer Weisselberg spent the last week taking the media to announce that she had been interviewed “several times” on the finances of former President Donald Trump and the Trump Organization. Prosecutors in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office are rumored on the street to seek to overthrow Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg, whose son Barry has been married to Jennifer for 14 years.

Allen is Trump’s longest-serving leader in the Trump Organization; he went from a simple accountant in 1973 to his current position at the top of the company. He is known for his loyalty and years of service not only to the former president but also to his father, Fred Trump. Barry and Jennifer divorced in 2018, and by her own admission, the “bitter” divorce battle caused her to lose custody of her children. So, while this is all very dramatic, the question remains: why would Manhattan DA Cy Vance care what Allen Weisselberg’s former daughter-in-law has to say?

The short answer is that Jennifer could serve as the Rosetta Stone for this whole investigation, becoming an invaluable key to translating previously indecipherable documents. In August 2019, a New York grand jury issued a subpoena to Mazars USA LLP, Trump’s personal accounting firm, soliciting Trump’s tax returns from 2011 to present. After a legal battle that lasted up to the Supreme Court, Mazars produces millions of pages of documents, including tax returns, financial statements, engagement agreements, documents related to the preparation and review of tax returns, as well as working papers and communications related to tax returns. Vance also received the source documents for the tax returns, including the raw financial data.

This windfall is huge, as Vance would focus his attention on possible tax fraud by the Trump Organization. He would also investigate potential bank fraud and other fraudulent schemes, including the misrepresentation of valuation of properties and other assets to obtain loans and other tax breaks.

The files submitted so far will remain confidential as part of the grand jury investigation, but you can rest assured that Mark Pomerantz, whom Vance has hired as special assistant prosecutor to assist with this investigation, will comb through the files for evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of Trump, his associates and his company. Pomerantz has sued infamous Mafia boss John A. Gotti – this is fitting given the comparisons between Trump and the moblike system he uses to run his life and business. Vance also hired forensic accounting specialists at FTI Consulting to help analyze records.

Meanwhile, former Trump “fixer” Michael Cohen reportedly spoke with Vance’s team on eight different occasions. Cohen indicated that Allen Weisselberg was a party to several conversations between Cohen and Trump and that he could be a direct source of information about what Trump has been saying and doing for decades. Cohen also stressed the importance of Allen to a possible prosecution of Trump and his companies, as the CFO knows where the proverbial bodies are buried in Trumpland.

Vance has issued new subpoenas in recent weeks to achieve as much transparency as possible in Trump’s business dealings. It is obvious that Vance is hoping for evidence that would persuade a grand jury to overturn an indictment alleging criminal offenses. And the best people who can interpret these documents and answer the questions of “why,” “how,” and “who” are those who knew Trump and worked with him intimately over the years.

As a true “insider” and someone who has had 25 years of insight and exposure to Trump and his personal connections, Jennifer Weisselberg can explain some of the actions Trump has taken over the years. But her real value to investigators doesn’t lie so much in what Trump might have said or done in front of her. That’s what her ex-father-in-law might have said about Trump and his things at the dinner table, on family vacations together, or on phone calls. She can share details of her life and interactions with Trump and the Trump children, as well as countless others, acting as a gateway to help Vance reach Allen.

The best people who can interpret these documents and answer the questions “why”, “how” and “who” are those who knew Trump and worked with him intimately over the years.

Consider the following: Weisselberg told NBC News that she believed that as a wedding gift, Trump gave her and her ex-husband an apartment overlooking Central Park. For seven years, they paid no rent and only had to pay for their utilities. their apartment sold for $ 2.85 million in 2014 and was listed at $ 4,950 per month for rent before the sale, according to New York City housing records. Her ex-husband Barry ran Trump’s ice rink Wollman Rink in Central Park before town terminated his contract with the Trump Organization This year. Generally speaking, things like free rent are considered taxable income for employees, barring tax exceptions – which looks questionable here.

Weisselberg also claims that Trump and his former in-laws paid most of their living expenses during their marriage. She told Reuterss that she provided the Vance team with, among other things, the tax and financial records for herself and her ex-husband. Prosecutors can now not only look for irregularities in the reporting of these returns, but also compare them to tax disclosures from Trump and the Trump Organization. (Weisselberg also said she spoke with New York Attorney General Letitia James, whose office is conduct a civilian investigation into the Trump organization.)

Thanks to Jennifer, one of Allen Weisselberg’s children could end up looking at the barrel of potential criminal charges. Nothing inspires a parent more than having a child in danger. And if Allen can save his son by helping Vance, then maybe Trump has something to worry about.

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