There are instances where a client who has availed a home loan from a housing finance company (HFC) is not satisfied with the services. In such a scenario, the customer can file a complaint with the HFC Complaint Cell.


To file a complaint online, you can access the complaints processing portal of the Banque Nationale du Logement – GRIDS by accessing the following link: The client can also lodge a physical complaint and send it to the following address: Complaint Redressal Cell Department of Regulation and Supervision, National Housing Bank, Core 5 A, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi 110003.


The complaint should be lodged with the relevant HFC grievance officer/cell. The HFC is expected to resolve the complaint within 30 days. A complaint to NHB may be filed for an escalation of the original complaint only if a period of 30 days has passed without any response from HFC or if the complainant is not satisfied with the resolution.


The complainant must complete the online form and attach the relevant supporting documents to prove their case (maximum 4 files of 1 MB each maximum). Once a complaint is filed on GRIDS, a complaint acknowledgment number is generated. This number can be used to track the status of the complaint resolution in the future.

New escalation

In the event that the complainant is not satisfied with the resolution offered by the Complaints Resolution Cell (CRC), an appeal may be filed with the NHB Chief Grievance Officer within 30 days of notice. the status of the complaint.

Point to note

In the event that the claim is pending (judicial/quasi-judicial case pending), CRC will not consider it a customer complaint and the decision of the judicial/quasi-judicial authority will prevail.

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