For quite some time now, there has been a lot of hype surrounding a new cryptocurrency called NFT. Digital art and music can now sell for millions. And the new cryptocurrency has played an important role there as well.

This technology started out as a niche technology for cryptocurrency and gaming fans, but it’s been taking hold for a few weeks now. NFTs or non-fungible tokens are increasingly popular, especially on the art scene. But what is really behind the NFT hype, and what is their secret?

The abbreviation NFT stands for non-fungible token. NFTs are certificates for unique digital objects, which certify ownership of a specific file. An NFT can be replaced with something equivalent.

NFTs are also unique items due to certain properties. Such objects can exist in digital or physical form. With physical objects, like a painting or a car, it’s easy to establish a value. This is measured by the uniqueness of the artwork and how much people are willing to pay for it.

With digital objects, it is much more complicated to value them. Determining the exact value or owner of a file is difficult. This is where the idea of ​​NFTs comes in: digital tokens contain information about a specific file that is both unique and verifiable.

The blockchain is essentially a special database where transactions of digital goods, such as cryptocurrencies, are stored in blocks and digitally distributed around the world. This technology is quite popular in the entertainment industry: there are even online casinos, which offer players the option of using blockchain transactions. Anyway, if you’re not ready to use it, take a look at the Playamo slots – the modern online gaming platform.

Unlike cryptocurrencies, NFTs in a blockchain do not represent a tradable asset that is transferred from person to person. Each DTV is like a unique digital artwork associated with an owner and a value. And modern blockchain technology is used to verify the authenticity of these works of art.

Currently, the Ethereum open blockchain is the most relevant for trading with NFTs.

What started as a niche topic among crypto and gaming fans has also attracted great interest. Regardless, NFTs are mostly popular in the art world. For example, Canadian artist Grimes auctioned digital art on the Nifty Gateway platform, raising around six million dollars in 20 minutes. There are more and more artists who wish to exchange their art with the NFTs. NFTs are also popular among collectors and gamers. In addition to crypto art, collectibles such as memes or cards, or computer game content, are also traded on NFT platforms such as Open Sea.

Why are NFTs so popular in the art world? In the art world, ideal value often plays a more important role than material value. The digital certificate, which guarantees authenticity and at the same time limits copies, also elevates virtual objects to the rank of status symbols. That is why there are many perspectives on this subject, especially for artists, painters etc. For creators of crypto art, NFTs offer a potential new source of income. While artists sell their works digitally, they attract collectors, speculators and fans by making them rare in a few copies.

So, one of the main positive aspects of NFT relates to many new opportunities, especially for people in the art world. But one of the critical points concerns possible copyright infringements. For example, if it is not verified whether a seller on the blockchain owns the rights.

In addition, NFTs require a lot of energy. Since a single transaction on the Ethereum blockchain requires the processing power of many computers, the power consumption is very high. And NFTs are not just one transaction, but a large number.

To sum up, NFT technology has both positive and negative aspects like any digital trend.

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