Jaylen Brown was worried.

A day after Joe Biden was sworn in to become President of the United States, Brown knew that some people’s tendency would be to exhale, relax, and assume the hard part was over. For many, former President Donald Trump was the embodiment of their concerns.

Brown has lived through presidents of both parties and hasn’t seen enough progress when either side is in charge. In 2020, the Celtics’ 24-year-old wing actively participated in NBA efforts to address systemic racism, an effort sparked by police violence against members of the black community.

Brown said stopping his and the players’ efforts to create meaningful change just because Biden replaced Trump would be a setback for the steps they’ve taken.

So Brown pledged to keep working and implored others to do the same.

“Like everyone, we all want to be optimistic and feel like change is coming, but I think we’ve seen that before,” Brown said. “I think we’ve had previous presidents who gave those same glimmers of hope and people were still dying which shouldn’t have been the case. There’s still systemic oppression out there. I don’t want to be pessimistic, but I think now that I have a new face, people are letting off the accelerator, thinking that everything is fine now. I would like to challenge that. We still have a lot of work to do, whether Biden is in office or no. “

Brown said his problem was never with a single politician but a government that does not provide the same opportunities and protections to black Americans.

“My dilemma has never been with presidencies or different face selections. It’s more the system that needs to be changed,” he said. comfortable knowing that there is a different president who will represent our country in the future. I know there was a lot of stress related to our former president, potentially. But I really want to keep the same energy in terms of raising awareness and pushing for change. We’ve obviously had glimmers of hope in the past, and they haven’t necessarily translated into direct change. I want people to always keep the same energy. Just because we have a new president doesn’t mean the system doesn’t need to be changed. We have to keep the same energy. People still have to worry about it. People still need to phone, you know, etc. So, I look forward to continuing to fight for change.

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