Reproductive justice in 2021

Colorado voters decisively rejected a proposal to ban abortion (Prop. 115) in the 2020 election, demonstrating continued support for legal access to essential health care. Messages in favor of the ban have spread nefarious myths about abortion later in pregnancy, denying autonomy to pregnant women. In the face of continued attacks on reproductive health care, as well as Colorado’s position as a safe abortion safe haven, we need to refocus the conversation around abortion in 2021 to one of de-stigma and action. in favor of reproductive justice.

Abortion later in pregnancy occurs after 21 weeks of pregnancy and accounts for about 1% of abortions in the United States. Despite the frequent demonization of people seeking this type of abortion, these abortions are mostly sought in emergencies. For example, by a person who wishes to have a pregnancy, but has received a devastating fetal diagnosis, or by a person whose health is in danger. Colorado is one of the few states to protect abortion later in pregnancy, and Boulder is one of the few cities that has a clinic that provides this essential health care.

Especially in light of President Trump’s appointment of Supreme Court justices to challenge Roe vs. Wade and by restricting abortion, as evidenced by the recently confirmed limitation of access to abortion pills during the pandemic, reproductive justice efforts at national and local levels are more important than ever. We need to shift our public discourse on abortion from myth-filled debates about whether pregnant women deserve to be empowered, to open conversations about reproductive health care and preserving Colorado as a paradise. for abortion.

One in four women will seek an abortion in her lifetime, and it is time to move beyond the rhetoric that seeks to stigmatize abortion and push reproductive health care into the shadows. I invite all Colorado residents to join me in starting conversations with people in our lives about what reproductive justice means to us and to show their support for people in accessing essential health care.

Sydney Welter / Boulder

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