(Nation Now) – Christopher Williamson is a billionaire, according to his cryptocurrency app. There is only one problem: he cannot withdraw his money.

And he thinks he’s probably not really a billionaire.

The man from Georgia says he invested $ 20 in a fringe cryptocurrency called Rocket Bunny. It is never traded for more than $ 0.000000007 per coin. He woke up on Tuesday to find that his modest $ 20 had been multiplied by about 65 billion times.

He rushed to his computer to remove it, but Coinbase, the app he uses to buy and sell cryptocurrency, kept spitting errors.

Eventually, Coinbase support told him his team was looking into the situation to find “the best solution.”

On Friday, he tweeted a photo showing his account was still worth $ 1.3 trillion.

“I know I’m never going to get $ 1,000 billion, but hopefully something will come out of it if that makes sense,” Williamson told NewsNation.

Williamson has offered to invite Coinbase employees to a penguin-shaped mega yacht if he ever manages to withdraw the money there.

He hopes the resolution will come soon. “I’m going to need a penguin for emotional support if this goes into day four” he tweeted Friday morning.

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