1.Subaru WRX
DTT: 6.76
Average markup: $595

The hottest new car is the Subaru WRX. On average, it spends less than a week on dealer lots before a lucky buyer picks it up. Like its BRZ stablemate, the WRX has been redesigned for 2022 and has its own hardcore fan base. Highlights of this sports sedan include quick acceleration, quiet handling and, of course, an available manual transmission.

But I can’t find [x] on dealer land either!

We’ve seen anecdotal evidence that there are other vehicles not on this list that are extremely hard to find, including Toyota Prius Prime and RAV4 Prime models, Kia Telluride, Infiniti QX60, Hyundai Kona Electric and, of course, all-new models like the BMW i4 and X4 that just haven’t made their way to dealer lots in large numbers yet.

The reason these in-demand cars don’t appear on this list is usually because our sample size was too small; not enough new i4s and iXs have been sold in the last month or so for us to get a solid reading of their sales. Other vehicles might have such high demand that dealers place steep markups and are willing to wait a little longer for the right buyer to show up, thus increasing the DTT.

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These 11 sedans, coupes and SUVs will be the hardest to find waiting at a dealership. Our advice? Place an order if you’re sure it’s the one you want, then collect it as soon as it’s delivered.