FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WPTA21) – Guitarist faces yet another setback after emerging from pandemic.

His guitar was stolen after playing at James Lake sandbank for the 4the the weekend of July.

Seth Jenkins plays guitar for the band “Clayton anderson“, who was playing at the lake on July 3rd.

“Everything was going really well. We were packing our bags and decided to take a 5 minute break and go down to the sandbar,” Jenkins said. “I came back and my guitar was stolen.”

He says it was a 2008 Gibson Les Paul, which he had been playing for over four years now.

“It hurts, you know. We’ve all been in the same boat of suffering and wanting a normal comeback and we’re finally getting there,” Jenkins said. “I’m trying to do something good for people. Music connects people, so you know, bad egg.

He says he can find a similar guitar, but it won’t be the same because every guitar is unique and it takes some getting used to.

Bob Bailey is the executive director of Sweetwater Sound GearFest, and he says Jenkins’s guitar is common, but he won’t be able to get one anytime soon.

“Now all guitars are hard to come by. Due to the pandemic, the supply chain is in chaos right now,” Bailey said. “Gibson works as hard as he can, but things like wood, wire, all materials are hard to come by.”

He says the pandemic has affected the companies that make these guitars and they don’t have enough supply to meet demand.

Bailey says that even if a guitar like Jenkins lands on their shelves, it will sell almost instantly.

“A guitar is more than an instrument. It is more than an object. It’s an extension of you, ”Bailey said. “You use this instrument to create music, and I hope it comes from you and your heart. It becomes something more than wood and wire.

Bailey says the same thing happened to him when he was a young musician, but his was returned to him.

Jenkins says he also hopes to get his guitar back.

If you know where Jenkins’ guitar is, he says to contact him via social media. Jenkins says he won’t get the police or anyone involved, he just wants his guitar back.

In the meantime he’s raising money to hopefully buy a similar one and you can click here make a donation.

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