LUCKNOW: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has praised the government of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for its handling of the pandemic through which he said the state could avert nearly 85,0000 deaths, while at the same time urging other states to learn from the UP in the way it widened the reach of Prime Minister Garib Rozgar Yojana and linked him to the Atma Nirbhar Yojana of the state, turning a crisis into a opportunity.

Modi was speaking at a mega jobs event organized by UP where 1.25 million people, including migrants, received work certificates as well as loans to start their businesses. 4.30 lakh units received loans worth Rs 10,600 crore while over 60 lakh people were absorbed into various works of MGNREGA while over 50 lakh people were absorbed into MSMEs.

Launching UP Atmanirbhar Rozgar Abhiyaan virtually, Prime Minister Modi also spoke with beneficiaries of various central and state programs in 6 districts.

In his 30-minute address, Modi said it was admirable how UP showed “courage and sensitivity” amid the crisis. He said that England, France, Italy and Spain are developed countries which together have a population of 24 crores, while UP alone has 24 crores of people living in the State. But while those four nations combined saw 1,30,000 deaths, there were only 600 deaths in UP.

He also took the example of the United States which saw 1.25 lakh deaths with a population of 33 crore.

“If Yogi ji and his government had not prepared well, the state would have seen 85,000 deaths. His government’s effort has averted 85,0000 deaths, which is a great satisfaction,” Modi said. .

Modi said what is even more admirable is the fact that UP could limit its number of cases and deaths even if there was an influx of 35 lakh migrants from all over the country, which could have increase the risk of infection.

“Such results would have been unimaginable under previous state governments. They would have avoided the challenge by blaming the shortage of hospitals and beds. But CM Yogi understood the gravity of the situation and worked on the war footing. He did not even attend his father’s funeral so he could focus on dealing with the crisis,” he said.