GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The start of training camp is an NFL rookie’s first shot in the NFL and comes with increased economic demand in Green Bay.

“I hope our employees are ready for this,” said Megan Huisman, Managing Director of Kroll’s West

The Packers’ return to the Don Hutson Center for training camp is already bringing back more customers to local businesses in Green Bay.

Avery Thomas, Front Desk Manager at the Hilton Garden Inn, said: “Our bar and restaurant have actually been busier with training camp just around the corner and packer season just starting. This week and next week our hotel is already almost fully booked.

Other restaurants around Lambeau said the start of training camp also increased their foot traffic.

“We expect to pick up a bit, we’ve been stable the last few weeks which is good. But we expect a little more, ”Huisman said.

And local businesses are hoping it will give them a much-needed boost after profits fell during the Packers’ final season.

“I think this packer season we’re going to see a big increase, especially because people couldn’t go out last year,” Huisman said. “I think we’re going to have a lot of people maybe going to party.”

“I know the return of the games has helped a lot and we have booked most of the most important game days, we are already full which contributes to last year’s revenue,” said Thomas.

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