Hired by Quicken Loans as a Loan Officer 17 years ago, Heather Lovier has held various positions throughout her career. Today, she is Executive Vice President of Customer Experience Operations, a role close to her heart. In this exclusive interview, Lovier explains how she is leading the movement to ensure that every Quicken Loans customer has an amazing experience, every time.

Real Estate Magazine: What is your # 1 goal in your current role?
Heather Lovier: My main goal is to embody our “ISMs”, which are the fundamental principles that shape and drive our culture at Quicken Loans. Because they are the philosophy that underpins who we are, it is essential that myself and our entire Client Experience team respect our ISMs, whether we are interacting with mortgage clients or our team members.

RE: Tell us a little more about the company’s ISMs and why they are so important.
HL: Our ISMs are truly the engine of our culture and guide our actions and decision-making on a daily basis. There are 19 ISMs, ranging from “Do the right thing” to “Every customer. Everytime. No exceptions. No excuses. “They’re really embedded in everything we do; we talk about them and constantly reinforce them. Some of our other ISMs include,” We’re going to find out, “” Obsessed with finding a better way, “” Respond with a sense of urgency ”and“ Yes before no. ”

RE: What is involved in the process of ensuring that every customer has an amazing experience?
HL: One thing we pride ourselves on is returning phone calls, texts and emails within 24 hours. If this goal is not met, an email is sent to the management team, the team member and myself, asking why the customer did not receive a timely response. If a team member is too busy to follow up, they know they can always count on one of us to contact them. It is important for us, as an organization, to make sure that we respond to all customers with a sense of urgency. We don’t want a customer to feel like they’re just another number for us because they’re not.

RE: What happens when a customer doesn’t have a positive experience?
HL: We take great pride in the high level of customer service that we consistently provide, but when we run into a rare issue in the process, we have a dedicated escalation group that works closely with our customers to get things back on track quickly. . Not only is this group responsible for proposing resolutions, but it also has the power to make decisions and act on them, based on the needs of the client. We also have a project called Operation Heart, which allows team members to connect with customers and engage with them on a more personal level.

RE: Why is it so important to ensure that the customer experience is good?
HL: A mortgage is a personal and infrequent event for our clients. In many cases, this will be the biggest financial transaction a client will ever make. As a result, we know we have to bring our “A” game every day. This is why our customer service and the positive experience we provide to our customers is so important to us. A win for us is when a client comes out and shares the great experience they had in getting a mortgage or refinancing through Quicken Loans. It’s what energizes our 18,000 team members every day and it’s what helps us continue to grow as the largest mortgage lender in the United States.

RE: What’s on the horizon as we move into the future?
HL: In addition to constantly looking at how we can make the process smoother for our clients, we are always trying to create a faster process so that clients know for sure when they are going to close. We will continue to provide visibility into the process to our clients and partners, as well as to the real estate professionals we work with. This will help clarify what is going on at all times, ensuring that we are all on the same page.

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