Harshraj Singh

Tribune press service

Ludhiana, July 18

Although people democratically elect MC councilors for their respective neighborhoods, the agendas and minutes of the municipal society and F&CC house meetings in Ludhiana are still not made public on the website. of the civic organism.

Some activists and members of various NGOs had previously raised questions and asked that when the Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh, could share information about such meetings on its official website, why the Ludhiana MC could not.

They have long requested that the MC, Ludhiana, also ensure the availability of the agenda and minutes of the meetings on its official website so that the townspeople can learn about the functioning of the civic body as well. than their elected officials.

City resident Col JS Brar (ret’d) said, “There is nothing secret about F&CC and General House MC meetings. When councilors are elected by the people, no information should be withheld from the public. Residents should be informed of the budget and expenses for each project and work in the MC.

He said: “The agendas and minutes of these meetings are not made public due to corruption in the civic body and the bad intentions of some people. “

Professor Komal Gurnoor Singh, a social activist, said: “We want to know what is being done by the MC to address civic issues in various areas. People want to know what measures are being taken for the development of the city and what is the use of the money paid in the form of taxes by the residents of the city. To ensure transparency and accountability, the MC should share the agendas and minutes of F&CC and House meetings on their website and post them in their offices.

He suggested that notice boards regarding the work (with expenses) carried out by the ward councilor concerned be posted outside his office. In addition, a residents’ committee in each neighborhood should be formed to oversee the work of their elected representative, he added.

Another resident, Jaskirat Singh, said: “We had requested that the agenda and minutes of all MC meetings be made available to the public on the MC Ludhiana website, but to no avail.

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