IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI) — Although only 3.2 percent of all passenger vehicles are electric, several dealerships are pouring a lot of money and effort into the growing business.

According to them, sales and production have increased significantly over the past year.

These car manufacturers are moving forward with electric to move towards better accessibility. They say that despite an increase in the home electric bill, these cars don’t require trips to the gas station or oil changes to the auto shop.

Ford has unveiled a new electric truck called the Ford Lightning that has doubled in production value over the past year. Ford is also creating a separate company to deal exclusively with the production and sale of electric vehicles.

KIA is also making progress in the production and sale of its own range of electric cars.

“I think we’re definitely seeing some big moves in this area,” Stone’s KIA salesman Tyler Heiner said. “We see these vehicles taking off where this one has a range of 275 miles. So you don’t have to plan your trips around charging stations as much. So there will be more charging stations, so we’re going to have the infrastructure to support.