Passive income is a decent amount of money that you can earn without extra effort, and it works like a pipeline model. If you want to trade bitcoins with proper algorithm technology for free, you can use Immediate Edge. Cryptocurrency mining is currently the hottest source of passive income in many countries. However, cryptocurrency mining has become a strange phenomenon in the world today. Just like mining, trading is also popular in the digital space, so if you want to start your bitcoin trading journey, only trust legit platforms like Immediate Edge.

People are quitting their old jobs and venturing into cryptocurrency mining as a full-time career. There are different types of cryptocurrencies that you can mine depending on your budget including Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, Dash, etc. which cannot be mined by CPU and require specialized hardware for mining like graphics cards and ASICs.

How is bitcoin mining profitable?

Bitcoin mining is profitable as the price of Bitcoin continues to rise. For example, if you bought a bitcoin miner for $1,000 and you earn $500 in one year, you make a profit of 50%. Bitcoin mining is rewarding compared to other sources of passive income and has several other advantages.

By rigorously using the money you have earned beyond your expenses and saving it for future use, you can earn far more than the cryptocurrency mining rewards above. Plus, it provides a steady stream of income every month. Finally, it prevents your money from losing value against investment opportunities that generate higher returns than cryptocurrency mining.

What factors determine the profitability of bitcoin mining?

There is no definitive answer to profitability as the supply of bitcoin mining also continues to shrink. It mainly depends on the price of Bitcoin, the performance of your hardware and you. The current Bitcoin price is $35,000, which has achieved a 6x return in just four years. However, many factors affect the profitability of bitcoin mining, including miners who value their hardware based on its usability and value.

Electricity cost: The cost of electricity is the most important factor that determines your profit. The higher the cost of electricity, the less profit you are likely to make. It is advisable to calculate your return on investment (ROI) before starting a Bitcoin mining business.

A rough estimate of your return on investment should be there by comparing the cost of production, including material and electricity costs, to its selling price in the future. You may need to cut other expenses to make up for losses and get a steady stream of income for your household.

How to mine Bitcoin?

Miners can mine bitcoins in different ways depending on their hardware and needs.

(i) If you have a powerful computer with GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), you can mine bitcoins using the application called NiceHash. It is a popular service that allows people to mine bitcoins for their use for profit. Plus, it uses cloud mining, which means you don’t need to buy expensive hardware.

(ii) If you want to mine Bitcoin using Genesis Mining, Hash Btc, Hashflare or, you will need to purchase mining contracts from them. You can buy one-year or one-month packages of bitcoin mining software in hashflare and

(iii) If you are looking to mine with your CPU, chances are you can mine cryptocurrencies without even opening your wallet because there is software available online that allows you to mine bitcoins using of a bitcoin generator, but the incentives are meager.

Bitcoin is mined every ten minutes by default, and based on the current bitcoin mining difficulty level, the bitcoin mining difficulty will increase exponentially in the coming months.

Components of bitcoin mining:

There are many components present in bitcoin mining that have a direct proportional influence on the profitability of said operation. These components include:


The main component that generates the profits from bitcoin mining is the hardware. Therefore, the more powerful your hardware, the higher your potential profit.

You can choose from several types of hardware for bitcoin mining. Among them are: graphics cards, ASIC (application specific integrated circuit), CPU, GPU and FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array).

Electricity cost

It is impossible to mine bitcoins without an expensive hardware platform and a powerful power supply. In the past, bitcoin mining required the owner to spend thousands of dollars on their hardware to turn it into a bitcoin guerrilla miner. But now you can mine other cryptocurrencies using your regular desktop or laptop computer without spending a dime on hardware.


The bitcoin mining software is available online for free at any time and does not require any installation process, saving you time and money. However, if you are planning to buy existing software, check the features and compatibility before choosing the one that works best with your cryptocurrency mining rig (hardware).

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