Monday, April 25, 2022 9:00 a.m.

UK shoppers are pushing retailers to increase their investment in technology as demand from retailers for new payment methods increases, according to new data.

Around 80% of shoppers are asking retailers to invest in technologies like frictionless payments to help avoid queues and avoid lengthy checkout forms, according to a retailer behavior report from the tech company financial Klarna.

Klarna bosses said shoppers in the UK are demanding new payment technology more than any other country.

“UK shoppers are tech-savvy and their online shopping preference currently ranks ahead of all other countries in our report,” said Viveka Söderbäck, consumer trends expert at Klarna.

“Britons aspire to digitization and expect retailers to invest in new technologies that give them a better shopping experience, especially when it comes to faster checkouts and frictionless payments.”

Nearly 60% of shoppers surveyed said they would prefer to do all their shopping online, a sign of changing shopping habits accelerated by the pandemic.

Demand for e-commerce has exploded over the past two years, with nearly half of UK non-food retail sales – 46.9% – taking place online in 2021, according to the BRC/KPMG Retail Sales Monitor.

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