The persimmon season is underway in Spain with the last volumes of the early varieties Maxim and Tone Wase, which will be followed by the main variety: Rojo Brillante. Sales of the earliest varieties were good, as were those of persimmons imported from Peru, the demand for which increases during the off-season.

“Maxim khaki has not performed very well in recent years in terms of marketing; however, this year there has been a significant increase in demand from large European retail chains, in part due to the low supply of stone fruit on the shelves. due to the impact of frosts. There are also clear indicators indicating a continuous increase in the consumption of persimmon ”, explains Inma Torregrosa, director of Frutas Inma.

“Sales have been good so far for these early varieties, which have fetched high prices in markets such as Germany, Italy and the UK,” she says. “These are flatter varieties, also sweet and more delicate than the Rojo Brillante persimmon. They are treated differently and must be harvested under specific conditions.”

“The demand for persimmons out of season is definitely on the rise.”
The Valencian company was the first in Europe to import persimmons from Peru; a step that it already took last year following a project launched in 2013 in the Andean country, which was supplemented by some imports from Uruguay.

“The demand for persimmons out of season is definitely on the rise. This year, we sold more than twice as much as last year at the same time, and earlier than expected. There has been a lot of interest from Germans, Italians and Portuguese supermarket chains, we hope to continue to grow in terms of volume in the years to come, as our aim is to market the persimmons from the end of May to at the end of July and to be able to connect one day with the arrival of the first Khaki Maxim and Tone Waser and continue later with the Rojo Brillante until the end of January “, explains Inma Torregrossa.

About to start with the Rojo Brillante persimmon, which was also hit by the hailstorms
Next week, Frutas Inma will launch the marketing of the predominant variety in Spain: Rojo Brillante. “When this variety hits the market, which usually does so with constant quantities from weeks 38 to 39, buyers stop asking for another variety. This year we start a little later due to the recent torrential rains and hailstorms, which Indeed, before the hailstorms in Valencia, we were already expecting a drop in production of around 25 to 30% due to the impact of pests, especially the cotonet. Now that volume drop could be around 35% -40%. “

The producer and exporter claims that in addition to the drop in production, there has also been a drastic increase in production costs this year. “The price of electricity has climbed 42%, and gas costs for fruit ripening and packaging are also on the rise. We hope that large retailers will understand that neither producers nor traders can lose more money and that every link in the chain should be able to make a profit.

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