Thanks to a new partnership with the St. Mary’s University Law School, Dayton Law students now have the opportunity to participate in our summer study abroad programs in China and Innsbruck, Austria.

Been in China abroad

At Institute of Chinese Law and Business, students will participate in a legal studies program that prepares them for the challenges of representing clients doing business with Chinese partners. Through an array of courses, field trips, and guest lecturers, the Institute introduces students to the Chinese legal system and international and domestic law instruments governing cross-border sales of goods, intellectual property protection, and investments.

Participants learn about the practical realities of doing business in China, as well as the dispute settlement mechanisms that play an important role in enforcing private agreements between companies in China and the United States.

Innsbruck, Austria Summer Study Abroad

AustriaAt Institute for Global Legal Problems in Innsbruck, Austria, students will be able to participate in one of the oldest continuous summer law study programs offered by all U.S. law schools.

Visits are made to local government offices and the seat of state government, and guest lectures are usually presented by European professors. Academics traveling to Europe and lawyers abroad in international affairs are often invited to share their ideas with classes or to give special lectures on important international topics. Students have the opportunity to meet on several occasions with foreign academics and Austrian lawyers. Austrian students will participate in classes, off-campus tours and social events, along with their American colleagues.

Classes take place from Monday to Thursday noon. This schedule allows students to travel on weekends to destinations such as Rome, Paris, the French Riviera, Venice, Vienna, Zurich, Munich, Prague and Budapest.

Note: First year students who wish to participate in one of the summer study abroad programs between their first and second year must have a GPA of at least 2.7 at the end of the semester fall preceding the program. Second-year students who wish to participate in either of the summer study abroad programs between their second and third years must have a GPA of at least 2.7 by the end of the fall semester preceding the program.

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