JACKSON, MI – Cathy Fulkerson doesn’t consider herself a lucky person, so when her credit union surprised her by paying off her car loan, she was speechless.

“It was mind-blowing,” Fulkerson said. “I am your relative who wins a chicken on Thanksgiving.”

Fulkerson is one of two American 1 Credit Union members who won the Great Loan Payoff promotion on approximately 20,000 entries. The October to December promotion, which attracted 20,000 registrations, offered to repay a member’s loan up to $ 15,000.

Fulkerson, a retired professional nurse from Jackson, was surprised to learn that she was simply enrolled in the promotion due to an existing loan for her 2011 Ford Edge.

“I understood they were going to make a car payment, which when you have a fixed income is huge,” she said. “But then (a bank clerk) said, ‘I wasn’t exactly truthful.’ And I think, oh, there you go. They’re going to want me to refinance my car. But she said, ‘We’re paying off your car loan.’

“I was speechless, which doesn’t happen often. My eyes sank a little.

“This promotion was particularly unique for American 1,” said Marla Sanford, vice president of marketing and communications for American 1, in a statement. “While we usually tailor our promotions to new loans, our long-time members are extremely important to us, so we wanted to find a way to include existing loans in this promotion to show our appreciation. “

Fulkerson had about $ 1,000 remaining on the car loan she had had for about three years, she said. She intended to pay him back by the summer. But, with the extra money freed up now, she said she could buy a used motorhome.

“(The credit union) reminded me that they fund them too,” she laughed.

Fulkerson’s two daughters live four hours south and four hours north. She said a motorhome could be the perfect way to camp with her family in different areas and enjoy their favorite things – a bonfire and a glass of wine.

“I still love (looking for RVs),” she said. “Someone is driving down the road and I could make a pot of fresh coffee. People have their whims and it’s mine.

The other loan repayment winner had six entries on three refinanced loans, credit union officials said.


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