On November 8, Allyn Walker, professor of sociology and criminology at Old Dominion, gave an interview in which he affirmed the need to destigmatize pedophiles by redefining them as “persons attracted to minors” (MAP). Walker said, “We tend to want to categorize people with these attractions as bad or morally corrupt,” and that when people “hear the term ‘pedophile’ they automatically assume it means a sex offender, and that doesn’t is not the case. true.”

Shortly after this interview, Old Dominion students protested the professor’s attempt to obscure the nature of sexual predators. Although the university put Walker on leave, the professor continued to defend his position while attacking his critics as being hostile to academic freedom and misguided by the “right-wing media.”

The Walker incident is not a stand-alone event. In fact, her advocacy for pedophiles highlights the crisis critical theory poses for higher education, as it attempts to dismantle all social taboos and normalize all forms of immoral conduct.

In his book “A Long, Dark Shadow: Minor-Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity,” published by the University of California Press, Walker derives “MAPs” as a new term for pedophiles from a group called B4U -ACT. Dedicated to “compassionate help” in the form of therapy and advocacy for pedophiles, the group also publishes its own research journal. In the introduction to “A Long, Dark Shadow,” Walker attempts to explain the difference between a “person attracted to minors” and a pedophile by swapping words according to the stigma they carry. On the first page of the book, Walker states that “B4U-ACT uses the term MAP, rather than the term ‘pedophile’, to reduce the stigma against this group.” Walker adopts the same term for the same reason.

The politics of gender identity permeates the introduction to “A Long Dark Shadow”. There, Walker advocates for the inclusion of PADs as part of the larger LGBT community by addressing attraction to minors as orientation and stating that “the fact of the inability of children to consent to sexual intercourse n ‘is not relevant for the application of the term “sexual orientation”. to attractions for minors. Walker tacitly acknowledges the threat posed by pedophiles, while also focusing on “coping methods” and “strategies for non-criminal PAD”.

Redefinition has consequences, and the left claims a long history of redefining words to shatter traditional beliefs. In June, the Biden administration changed the term “mother” to “birth attendant” in the 2022 budget. Many states and government agencies replaced “illegal alien” with “undocumented immigrant,” while California replaced “Homeless” with the term “homeless” to retain control of the narratives and debates on the issue.

In June, the Biden administration replaced the term
In June, the Biden administration changed the term “mother” to “person giving birth” in the 2022 budget.
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What is at stake is Walker’s wish to redefine pedophilia from an activity to a group identity. This is the grassroots movement of the left – an activity can be banned, but a group identity has uncompromising rights. Establishing a “MAP” identity is establishing rights for pedophiles – and once pedophiles have rights, nothing will be allowed to infringe those rights. MAPs will have the right to work in schools, to act as they will with children aged 17, 16. . . etc.

It should be noted that “A Long Dark Shadow” has been peer reviewed and has been published by reputable academic press. The ideological consensus in academia has already shifted towards the acceptance of pedophilia. K-12 schools already allow representations of children’s sexuality under the guise of fairness, despite considerable resistance from parents. If pedophile pornography material is already in school libraries, how can one resist further acquiescence to pedophilia?

The State of California replaced the term
The State of California replaced the term “homeless” with the word “homeless” to retain control of the narratives and debates on the issue.
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Walker has now resigned, effective the end of May – and his removal from Old Dominion faculty could put a temporary end to the public controversy. But his success in persuading his colleagues that his work met all applicable standards for legitimate research, and his additional success in getting his findings published by one of the nation’s largest university presses, demonstrate that academic barriers to his ideas are fragile. Undoubtedly, additional efforts will be made to advance the cause of “persons attracted to minors”.

Ian Oxnevad is a recent doctorate. in Political Science from the University of California and member of the National Association of Scholars.

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