NEW YORK–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Titan, the new investment platform providing leading investment management for the everyday investor, today announced the official launch of Titan Crypto. Titan Crypto is the very first actively managed cryptocurrency asset portfolio available to all U.S. investors *. The mobile-focused investment firm gives Titan clients access to the world’s fastest growing investments without any prior knowledge or understanding of cryptocurrency and without performance-based fees or bottlenecks.

Until now, cryptocurrency has not been an easy class to understand or invest in. Titan plans to add huge value and significant returns to its clients by offering strategic investments and management of their cryptocurrency portfolio. The strategy seeks to invest in a concentrated basket of crypto assets that can outperform over a long-term time horizon and is actively managed by Titan’s in-house crypto investment team.

“The adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain protocols is exploding, and we expect this trend to prove structural and long-term. We see the wrong debate unfolding – it’s not about whether crypto deserves a place in portfolios; it’s a matter of percentage, ”says Clay Gardner, co-founder and co-CEO of Titan.

Last month, Titan announced a $ 58 million Series B funding round led by Andreesen Horowitz’s Anish Acharya (a16z). The round also includes the participation of a star team of professional athletes and celebrities, including Kevin Durant, Odell Beckham Jr., Jared Leto and Will Smith. To date, Titan has raised $ 75 million to support its mission to lead the world to better wealth by enabling everyone to invest in global success. The funds will be used to make significant progress in building Titan’s underlying platform and suite of investment products, including Titan Crypto, alongside scaling up the functional teams of based.


“At Titan, our clients trust our selection of wallets and we see an increasing likelihood that Bitcoin and other crypto assets will be widely adopted and accumulate value. We are delighted to be the first to present this offer to our customers, ”says Max Bernardy, co-founder and CTO.

Since launching in 2018, Titan has grown to handle over $ 500 million for over 25,000 clients, and as of today now offers the ability to invest in cryptocurrency. Titan clients also own the underlying fractional shares of the companies in each investment strategy, providing greater flexibility over pooled vehicles like hedge funds and mutual funds. To register, download the Titan app wherever apps are found.


Titan is the new-guard investment platform providing top-tier investment management for the everyday investor looking to compete with giants Fidelity and BlackRock. Based in downtown Manhattan, Titan was founded by Clayton Gardner, Maxwell Bernardy, and Joe Percoco. Similar to mutual fund platforms of the past, Titan has a fleet of actively managed open access strategies. Unlike historical players, Titan is first and foremost mobile, allowing investors to have investment experience directly with end investment managers. Titan’s mission is to lead the world to greater wealth and to be the investment authority for its generation. Discover Titan on

* At launch, Titan Crypto will be available to all US residents except those with a home address in New York. Our custodian partner is still awaiting regulatory approval to offer crypto to New York residents. We will notify all waitlist registrations once New York residents have been authorized to use Titan Crypto.

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