US demand for New York State apples is strong, with export markets needing to be very competitive to attract supply from their local market. “This year, New York State produced 32,300 million bushels of apples, which is our three-year average. The New York apple movement is good this season and our retail partners are building large and impressive displays of New York apples,” said Cynthia Haskins, President and CEO of the New York Apple Association.

SnapDragon apples in New York orchards

“New York is home to 600 apple growers who produce on more than 50,000 acres and grow more than 26 varieties of commercial apples. The heritage of apple growing in New York is multi-generational. Family orchards, which range from a few hundred to a few thousand acres, are perfectly suited to their microclimates after years of growers working to refine their growing and harvesting practices,” Haskins said.

Cynthia Haskins

The expectations of New York apples are to export to Israel, the Dominican Republic, Central America, Vietnam and Singapore as the main export destinations for this season. It is possible to export to Canada later in the season. “Domestic prices are high, so strong export offers will be needed to send fruit internationally. We anticipate export interest in the Empire, SnapDragon, Red Delicious, Ever Crisp and Gala varieties. The biggest challenge now is the high cost of transportation and the lack of reliable shipping options,” says Brett Baker, Chairman of the Board of the USA Apple Export Council and President of United Apple in New York State. .

According to Haskins, New York is the birthplace of controlled atmosphere storage technology. As an association, they serve their members through a new website that offers an expanded section for foodservice, retail and wholesale partners. It contains popular apple varieties, as well as tools for dietitians. QR codes for business partners as well as material for social media promotions etc. are available as part of their industry service offering.

SnapDragon apples in New York orchards

“New York’s cutting-edge packaging and shipping industry is as innovative as its growing community, with many shippers investing in brand new facilities over the past five years. Packers have installed high-end optical scanners that provide superior defect detection. As the birthplace of controlled atmosphere cold storage technology, New York has perfected the development of variety-specific storage parameters that preserve the naturally amazing flavor of our apples. Their attention to detail ensures that each apple provides the best culinary experience for our customers while identifying the most efficient adaptations to their packaging equipment so they can package many different products while reducing energy consumption,” Haskins concluded.

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