Washington State Community College is expanding its curriculum to include two additional high-demand information technology certificates.

Beginning in fall 2022, students will be able to earn a one-year certificate in Cyber ​​Security and Help Desk. The occupational outlook for careers in information technology is strong.

The federal government predicts that nationally there will be a 22% job growth in cybersecurity. Help Desk certification related positions are expected to grow at least 9%.

“There are unprecedented opportunities in the field of information technology”, Sarah Parker, Washington State’s vice president for academic affairs, said. “The addition of these two certificate programs in Washington State is a direct result of increased demand from businesses and industries here in Southeast Ohio.”

Certificate programs prepare students for new careers in this industry, Parker said.

“The training these students will receive will open doors for them. For those looking for a new career path, these certificate programs will give them the foundation needed for many entry-level positions. For those already working in the industry, this is an opportunity to update skills to maintain relevance and competitiveness,” Parker said.

In the Cybersecurity Certificate, students will learn operating systems and fundamentals of computing, fundamentals of hacking and computer psychology and Unix/Linus. The Help Desk Certificate includes courses such as A+ Hardware and Software, Network+, and Microsoft Domain Controllers.

Throughout both programs, students will be able to earn a number of industry credentials that complement the certificate and will be valuable in the job market.

“We incorporate these degrees into the program because they validate the professional qualifications of our graduates and allow them to stand out in a very competitive field”, Parker said. Both certificate programs also lead to associate degrees that students can choose to complete in just one additional year, Parkersburg said. Financial aid is available for eligible students. Contact admissions at 740 568-1900 to begin the application process, or visit wscc.edu/apply.

No fee is required to apply and there is no obligation to register once accepted.

Registration for summer and fall courses begins April 4.

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