An Interos webinar hosted by BizClik Media Group – exploring supply chain regulations for EU financial institutions – is now available for viewing on demand.

Supply chain resilience and risk are increasingly critical issues for financial institutions. Customer expectations regarding these issues are higher for the finance industry than for many other industries, given the criticality of finance to organizations.

Customers and regulators assume that financial firms will provide services without interruption. In the event of a disruption, it is also expected that they will be able to recover quickly and minimize the impact on customers and the market.

It is the responsibility of financial institutions to ensure that their services are resilient, in the processes and operations within the company, and those undertaken by its suppliers.

Yet the financial sector is highly interconnected and torn with cross-border complexity, creating a challenging environment for managing supply chain risk.

With this in mind, this webinar provides insight into the resilience and supply chain issues facing European financial institutions, and offers insight into the strategies preferred by the most effective senior executives.

JPMorgan Chase advice on regulatory resilience

Areas covered include:

  • Why supply chain resilience and risk are critical issues for European financial institutions and their regulators.
  • Regulatory focus on operational resilience, outsourcing and concentration risk.
  • How regulatory requirements and oversight expectations are becoming more stringent.
  • Why C-suite ownership of risk and governance matters.
  • The Importance of Supply Chain Risk Management for Indirect Suppliers

Presenters are Michael Percival, who is Executive Director, Head of Regulatory Affairs EMEA, JPMorgan Chase. He will be joined by Geraint John, Vice President, Interos Resilience Labs.

Percival is an expert in European and global financial regulation and was responsible for JPMorgan’s engagement in regulatory policy developments. He was also heavily involved in Brexit-related issues.

Percival holds degrees in law and management (economics) from the University of Waikato in New Zealand and an MBA from UCD Smurfit Business School in Ireland.

Insight based on data from Interos Resilience Lab

John leads the Interos Resilience Lab team, generating data-driven insights, research and analysis on supply chain disruptions and supply chain risk management best practices. He was previously vice president of research and supply chain consulting at Gartner, where his areas of interest were sourcing and procurement, supplier relationship management and collaboration, risk and supply chain resilience and digital transformation.

He holds a BA in Economics and Politics from the University of Warwick.

The event was moderated by Scott Birch, Chief Content Officer at BizClik Media Group. Birch is a creative media professional with 25 years of experience in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

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